Our policies

It can be said that MQL5CRACK  is one of the largest companies in the field of crack and security development Which operates in Germany and our company has two branches in Germany; the company was established in 2015 and reached its peak in 2021. The company was founded by two reverse and security engineers

1- Engineer XOX

2- Engineer Aris

The original owner of the company according to the builders; All Forex people and MQL programmers who are currently working with the company

He is currently the General Manager of Aris and the company has several other CEOs who include

Security manager and sales manager and staff supervisor

Michael’s director of security, Topics security company, does not care about decompiling , unlocking and layering his files; Nicholas Sales Manager who manages the sales department and does the payment and supervisor XOX Engineer who supervises all crackers and programmers

We have 352 direct employees, 20,000 indirect employees. We have the possibility of establishing branches in France, Canada and Iran.

None of the products on the website can be refunded and in case of any problem, we will fix it.

Let me tell you about copyright infringement
Our company decomposes or unlocks robots in order to improve the knowledge of programmers and the financial market.
So in principle we do not violate copyright

Rules for compiling, unlocking and converting:

1: Decompile, unlock and contour start working

2: The company has 99.99% decompile, unlock and convert health

3- Unlock and decompile from 3 days to 6 days based on your package selection

4: Upon request, the full code must be specified in the request field, otherwise the file will be unlocked after decompile

5: Convert ex4 to ex5 is separate and if there is a source code, the cost is not compiled and its conversion is between 8 to 10 working days.

6. Services are not refundable

7. Theoretically, MT4 in MT5 could not be the same form used. And to convert, some modified elements in the existing MQ4 file are needed to work on MT5. Implementing this feature involves understanding the differences between MQ4 and MQ5 languages ​​and environments. Proper software includes this feature ,

We also sell experts, indicators and libraries, and offer on-site medical services. And the sales rules are in the following order.

The rules in sales are as follows Products for selling the rules on the website

1: The manufacturer must follow the copyright law and is only allowed to sell the file on this website or your personal website, otherwise his account will be blocked.

2: The producer must upload his files and these files are protected by the specialized team of the layering company and all the files of the company.

3: Website participation commission is 15% of each sale and 25 of the total existing manufacturer can be withdrawn after three months.

4: In case of cancellation of the author’s program membership, after the existing product request, it will be credited to his account within 4 to 7 working days

5: The price of the cryptocurrency criterion is the price at the time of request.

Our payment methods are among the existing companies that accept the password and support our Perfect Money and Web Money

The responsibility of the website towards the users is to increase their knowledge and business

Respects all the rights of the company’s users and loves the users

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